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RIP “Barefoot Diva” Cesaria Evora - One of the Great Divas (1941-2011)

Cape Verdean singer Cesaria Evora died today at age 70 in his native village. She became known internationally in 1992 with the title Sodade, from her third album.

Cesaria Evoria is nicknamed the "barefoot diva" died today in Mindelo , her native village in Cape Verde. It's Mario Lucio Sousa , Minister of Culture of Cape Verde who confirmed the information launched Portuguese media. The singer aged 70 was admitted to the Hospital Baptista de Sousa Friday night for "respiratory failure" and "a heart high voltage."

The singer had to end her career in September , again because of health problems. While in Paris, she had also told the world : " I have no strength, no energy . I want you to tell my fans: I'm sorry, but now I must rest .

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