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Lil Wayne’s Thief Just Wanted to Hang Out

Lil Wayne’s Thief Just Wanted to Hang Out

If you recall, the “leave behind” was one of George Costanza’s patented techniques for securing a second date; he’d “accidentally” leave a personal item at a woman’s house in hopes that he could use it as leverage to see her again. It seems as thought the guy who robbed Lil Wayne was really taking a page from the book of Costanza.  20-year-old Marcus Negrete, the man who has allegedly stolen items he found when he broke into the set of a Li’l Wayne music video apparently only stole the things because he thought he’d be able to return the items to Lil Wayne in person later and have some face time with the rapper.

lil wayne1 525x417 Lil Waynes Thief Just Wanted to Hang Out

Aww, poor guy. Just wanted some alone time with his favorite be-tear-tattoed rapper, that’s all.  Among the booty he swiped from the set were a laptop, a Louis Vuitton purse, a wallet, and a pair of NBA All-Star tickets.  In an ironic twist (not unlike an episode of  Seinfeld), the items didn’t even actually belong to Weezy, and the GPS sensor in the laptop led cops immediately to Negrete, who, for some reason, has plead “not guilty” to the charges.

lil wayne robbed 525x669 Lil Waynes Thief Just Wanted to Hang Out

Apparently, the 20-year old didn’t really consider the fact that legal charges might be brought against him, but hopefully he’s learned his lesson.  We’re guessing he won’t be sitting down to brunch with Lil Wayne anytime soon, but maybe the rapper’ll take pity on him and visit him in jail.

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