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  • Young Buck Indicted On Gun Charge, Facing 10 Years In Prison

    Young Buck is back in headlines again, this time for being indicted in Nashville, Tennessee. As previously reported, the IRS auctioned off several off his personal items after he faced a 0,000 tax lien. Since then the ex G-Unit rapper filed for bankruptcy and reportedly sued 50 Cent for a contract dispute. Now after moving past his money woes, Buck is in even more trouble after being indicted on a federal gun charge. According to Nashville’s WSMV News, Buck, real name David Darnell Brown, has been charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a .40-caliber pistol and ammunition. Buck reportedly plead not guilty to the charge and is out on bond. He must surrender his passport as terms of his release. Buck was previously convicted of stabbing a man at the 2004 VIBE awards and can no longer carry a gun or ammunition.

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  • Lil Wayne’s Thief Just Wanted to Hang Out

    Lil Wayne’s Thief Just Wanted to Hang Out

    If you recall, the “leave behind” was one of George Costanza’s patented techniques for securing a second date; he’d “accidentally” leave a personal item at a woman’s house in hopes that he could use it as leverage to see her again. It seems as thought the guy who robbed Lil Wayne was really taking a page from the book of Costanza.  20-year-old Marcus Negrete, the man who has allegedly stolen items he found when he broke into the set of a Li’l Wayne music video apparently only stole the things because he thought he’d be able to return the items to Lil Wayne in person later and have some face time with the rapper.

    lil wayne1 525x417 Lil Waynes Thief Just Wanted to Hang Out

    Aww, poor guy. Just wanted some alone time with his favorite be-tear-tattoed rapper, that’s all.  Among the booty he swiped from the set were a laptop, a Louis Vuitton purse, a wallet, and a pair of NBA All-Star tickets.  In an ironic twist (not unlike an episode of  Seinfeld), the items didn’t even actually belong to Weezy, and the GPS sensor in the laptop led cops immediately to Negrete, who, for some reason, has plead “not guilty” to the charges.

    lil wayne robbed 525x669 Lil Waynes Thief Just Wanted to Hang Out

    Apparently, the 20-year old didn’t really consider the fact that legal charges might be brought against him, but hopefully he’s learned his lesson.  We’re guessing he won’t be sitting down to brunch with Lil Wayne anytime soon, but maybe the rapper’ll take pity on him and visit him in jail.

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  • Gucci Mane Gets New Ice Cream Face Tattoo

    Gucci Mane was recently released from a mental institution and to celebrate his freedom the So Icey rapper went and got a face tattoo of an ice-cream cone.

    Covering his entire right cheek, Gucci's latest ink -- done by Atlanta's Tenth Street Tattoo owner Shane Willoughby, who twitpic'ed the above photo -- is an oversized ice-cream cone with three scoops of ice-cream highlighted with blue ink, the word "Brrr" across it and lightning bolts coming out of it. *Blank stare*

    What do you guys think of Gucci's new tat? Is it alright to rep your company this hard? Or should he go back to the asylum for this one? Leave your comments. Read more »
  • Kid Cudi Plans To 'Celebrate' DJ AM At The VMAs

    When Kid Cudi performs with Wale and the go-go group UCB, the VMA house band, at Sunday's awards show, he will take some time out to remember 2008 house-band member DJ AM, who died unexpectedly last month.

    "DJ AM was a good homie of mine, so we're going to do a little something for him," the VMA-nominated rapper told MTV News. "We doing this for AM. He had so much love."

    For Cudi's time at the Video Music Awards, he plans to make sure his party is all about AM. "We're going to be celebrating his life," he said. "You know what I mean? It's going to be a great night, and I don't know about everybody else, but I'm celebrating the VMAs in memory of Adam Goldstein."

    Wale spoke to MTV News after AM's death about picking up where Travis Barker and DJ AM left off last year. "AM was one of the greatest DJs I've ever seen play," he said. "Him and Travis had such a chemistry. [AM was] definitely one of the greater ears in music, and he's definitely underrated [as a DJ]."

    Wale and UCB will also be joined by Solange Knowles, Pitbull and 3OH!3 for a series of originals and covers that will definitely keep the VMA crowd rocking all night. If Wale's VMA rehearsal Thursday was any indication, those covers could include songs by Britney Spears, Coldplay and Kings of Leon.
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  • Paris Comes Home To Doug And Her Pets!

    After spending a few days shooting an episode of Supernatural in Vancouver, Paris Hilton landed at LAX this afternoon, and we're 99% sure that she was on the phone with Doug when we snapped her breezing through the airport!

    And it looks like Doug wasn't the only one she missed! Immediately after her arrival, the heiress tweeted, "Back in LA, going home to see my puppies and kitten...I travel way too much, it's so nice to be home once in a while." Aww, welcome back P!

    P.S. Is she wearing Lindsay's Mr. President leggings?!

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  • Britney Spears Single Again?

    Britney Spears has called off her romance with her longtime agent Jason Trawick, according to a new report.

    The singer is said to have asked Trawick for some time for herself after the couple's relationship began to turn serious as he accompanied the pop star on her Circus world tour.

    Spears was even rumored to have been engaged to Trawick earlier this month after she was photographed with a sparkling ring on her wedding finger - but the 27 year old has now taken a break from their love affair, reports

    One source tells the website, "They are taking some time apart," while another adds, "She told him she needed to get back on her own two feet before moving forward. Jason was disappointed, but he understood."

    Trawick was spotted entertaining a group of female admirers during a night out in Hollywood last weekend as Spears prepared to perform three consecutive concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden.

    But the insider suggests it might not be the end for the couple, adding, "Jason's always loved her, (even) since the Justin Timberlake days, so he won't let her go easily. He's giving her space - that's what she's asked for." Read more »